Attract new patients

Newspaper ads will just not do it
Spinal screenings is undoubltly the number one way to attact new patients. We say that Speedy Assessment is undoublty the number one system for spinal screening.
You can do spinal screenings about anywhere like in your office, the Library, Community center/clubhouse, Fire station, Church or in a local School.
We have customers who went straight out of school to a fully booked clinic due to good spinal screenings.

Why Speedy Assessment is superior for spinal screening
When doing spinal screenings, what you want to do is to

  • Perform tests thats fast and easy to do
  • Perform tests that can be done without undressing
  • Perform tests that will attract other people to line up for your spinal screening

Speedy Assesment is designed to be fast and easy to use, all five tests can be done fully clothed. If you are in a public location, a bigscreen TV or projector could be a good idea – what’s shown on screen will attract other people to line up!

Leave the bulky systems at home
Last but not least – when doing a spinal screening you dont want to carry a lot of heavy, sensitive machines. With Speedy Assessment all you need is a laptop and a webcam, it doesnt get better than that.

Your patients are your best reference
If your patients feel impressed by the tests you have performed, and it have helped them understand what it is you do and why – they are likely to talk their friends about the awsome tests.
That way your existing patients can be your best reference, sending their friends to you, since they feel your services are unique.

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