Spine Curvature Scanner

  • Patient is standing up, leaning forward 90 degrees
  • Draw your iPhone down the patients back
  • See the curvature on your computer screen

Scan the spine curvature

Modern phones like iPhone or Android based phones have build in position sensing components, which are used with this function.
While drawing the phone down the back, the phone will tilt left and right. This angle is sent to the computer, which shows the tilt on your computer screen.
A tilt might occur due to scoliosis, paraspinal muscle tension, leg length indifferences.

A quick and impressive test

It’s a snap! Just ask your patient to lean forward, and draw the iPhone or Android based phone slowly down the spine. Speedy Assessment gathers the data produced by the iPhone and displays it on an easy to understand diagram. In just seconds you can see the height and contour of your patient’s paraspinal muscle tissue.

This test requiers an iPhone or iPod touch with the iSensor application: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/isensor/id353118286?mt=8.

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