Range of Motion

  • Put your phone on your patients head (or use a webcam)
  • Click between cervical movements – rotation/lateral bending/flexion-extension
  • See the degree, procentage of normal and the trafficlights (green/yellow/red)

Evaluating Range of Motion (ROM) is time consuming?

Evaluating Range of Motion (ROM) is an excellent way to document the progress and success of a treatment series. However, performing Range of Motion tests is typically time consuming, and requires the manual entry of results. Not anymore…
In Speedy Assessment there are two ways of performing cervical Range of Motion test; either using a modern phone (iPhone, Android) or using a webcam.

Record Range of Motion with an iPhone?

Yes!! Using our iSensor application available on the AppStore, you can measure cervical Range of Motion (ROM) wireless with the help of your iPhone! Simply place the iPhone on your patient’s head as he performs different range of motion movements. All of the movements are then recorded and measured by the phone.
You can also use an Android based phone to do this measurement.
Modern phones like iPhone or Android based phone have build in position sensing components, which are used with this function.

Range of Motion with a webcam?

If you don’t have an iPhone, Speedy Assessment offers an additional method of measurement. With our optical recognition software, Position Sense, you can also test Range of Motion (ROM) using your webcam. Just place a coloured headband on the patients head, place the webcam parallell to the headband. After calibration the computer will track in on the colour and accurately give you Range of Motion measurement for all movements of plane (flexion, extension, lateralflexion and rotation).

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