Posture Analysis

  • Take two pictures with a webcam – front and left side
  • See the plumbline, angles and our easy to interpet trafficlights (green/yellow/red)
  • Watch the effects of posture on a 3D SKELETON

The Posture Analyais function

With Speedy Assessment’s 3D Posture Analysis function, you can determine to what degree your patient’s posture deviates from ‘ideal’ posture.

Posture analysis is performed with a webcam – you quickly take photos of your patients. Then calculate the degrees and angles of their posture.

The points and angles from your patients posture analysis can be shown as a 3D skeleton model and compared with another skeleton image with the ideal posture. This is an excellent tool for educating the patients about the importance of posture, and it helps to improve patient compliance.

The posture analysis can also be printed as a part of your report of findings.

No wasted time doing Posture Analysis.

Our posture analysis is one of the fastest you can find. Most posture analysis softwares / systems lacks the skeleton feature, this feature is by far the most impressive.

Using a digital camera, then importing the images is just a waste of time – thats why we use a webcam instead, this saves 30 seconds to a minute on EACH test. You can also use the iPhone camera with a special third party application (available in appstore).

Posture and health goes hand in hand.

Research suggests that patient’s perception of their own well-being is directly related to the head’s position/angle in the saggital plane (forward head posture,  ‘computer-neck’). The further forward the head is in the sagittal plane, the lower the patient’s overall perception of health.

Back pain, headache, mood, blood pressure, pulse and lung volume are just a few examples of things which can be affected by posture.

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