Balance & Sway-Posturography

  • Have the patient stand on the board for five seconds.
  • See the static lean left/right – front/back
  • See the dynamic balance – sway speed and pathlenght

Weight difference

Are you still using two weightscales – one for each foot? Then it’s time to upgrade!
All your bodyparts constantly communicates with your brain, reporting their position. Your brain processes the information and finetunes all muscles and joints to prevent injury.
This process is reflected in dynamic posturography – in normal words its shown in your sway pattern.
Being heavier on one leg means that the body is not in optimal balance. This is reflected in the static posturography. Imagine yourself putting a 5 kg weight on your left leg and then go out for a walk, how far do you think will be comfortable? If you are an athlete – try doing that during a championship… not a very good idea, right?

Static and Dynamic posturography

Improper weight distribution, excessive sway or deviations in center-of-gravity can be found in seconds and illustrated for your patients on an easy to understand diagram. The speed and ease of these posturography tests make them ideal for testing both before and after treatment, making it possible to better evaluate and document treatment successes.

Compatible hardware

You can use several different hardware with Speedy Assessment through plugins.
Validity and reliability of the Nintendo Wii Balance Board for assessment of standing balance.

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