Become a partner

As a parter, you can make money without any hassle.

We invite you to sell the Speedy Assessment software package.

As a retailer you will receive:

  • a custom made installation software
  • a package with our graphic profile
  • marketing material

You can distribute the installation software on CD or via internet to potential customers. You can easily track if they’ve installed the software, and all purchases happening.
If we get a sale, we will be able to see if the customer used your custom made installer – if so you will get reimbursed 20% of the total sale price.
If you sell the software yourself and handle the payment – we will reimburse you 30%.

You are free to distribute and sell the software throu webstore online and at events. It’s up to you if you would like to be a reseller for a selected group or in a bigger scale – like a webshop.

We require you to stick to our graphic profile, and a link to our webpage must be visible on all material you hand out.

Fill out the form to become a partner

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