Chiropractic Patient Education Software

  • Make your patients faithful in your practice with a killer Report of Findings.
  • Grow your Practice – Give your patients an report of findings before and after treatment and let them feel the difference and show it to others how your practice and helped them and make others interested in your services.

Speedy Assessment is a tool to help chiropractors, osteopaths, physios and bodyworkers evaluate thier patients with;

Posture Analysis Software – take two pictures with a webcam and show you patients skeletal structure in 3D.

Balance and Sway – Leaning to one side? Swaying? Those are indicators that your patients might lack full body control.

Spine Scanner – Curvaturesoft tissue tensions? Scoliosis? Just draw the iPhone down the back and you can visualise the structure on your computer screen.

Range of Motion – test with a webcam – or an iPhone! An uneven range of motion makes your joints age faster.

Head Repositioning – measures joint position sense. People with affected joint position sense might be people suffered by neckpain or an whiplash injury.

Our software contains five easy to use components, each component has more to offer than most systems that just do one thing – like a software that does only posture analysis.

With Speedy Assessment, patient assessment and education has never been easier, as efficient or affordable.

With an easy to use interface (ideal for touchscreen computers), Speedy Assessment is designed to assist you in the evaluation and education of your patients.

Speedy Assessment is compatible with Windows XP / Vista / 7 – Some functions require additional hardware.

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